Are you looking for smart green homes? Half the builders and nearly 40% of remodelers say they are incorporating green technologies. Sellers are using smart technology to set their homes apart. From energy savings to the use of their smart phones sellers will show how their homes can be controlled from a click of a switch.

Prefabricated homes, largely constructed in a factory are part of the tiny house movement. Saving time and money many buyers will opt for these smaller homes with mortgages under $50,000. Monies saved can fuel your passions and help knock things off your bucket list!
Would you like a portable home, a smart modern abode that can move from city to city? Well then, a Kasita is for you! It’s the latest thing in small apartments. Imagine stacked containers, attractive of course, elevated off the ground in a block formation. Only 208 square feet of essentials – kitchenette, bath, queen size bed, washer/dryer, lots of glass and natural light. And, when you’re ready to move, your home can be rolled off the rack and transported to a new city. Look to Austin, Texas for the first roll out in 2016. Ten more cities will have Kasita stations in the coming years.

Lighting will make use of advanced green technology and will be efficient, brighter than before and offer creative solutions to any space. From the use of exposed Filament bulbs to white or off-white lamp shades and LED bulbs, lighting will take on a brighter color scheme for any room.

Recessed lights and illuminated wall mirrors are new to the market and ultra-modern contemporary geometric designs, like Aurora’s modular shaped triangle lights that come in groups of 30 will have a big impact. Other patterns will bring an element of techno-DJ inspired designs from concert dance floors.

Hues, intensity and lightness are elements homeowners will not want to overlook.

“Future Proofing,” – a new buzz word for ensuring your home has all the necessary wiring that the latest trends demand. Technology rules and homes are getting smarter!

Here’s a glimpse into the future…which is already in full swing!

Homes are becoming responsive to their inhabitants. The whole house will be a stage – lighting up and moving into motion when you and your family enter. “All eyes” will be on you! Whether you are home or away technological advances will allow you to control lighting, temperature, appliances and more, remotely and with motion sensors. Safety will also be enhanced with the ability to control fire alarms, locks and security systems.

Coming soon… some of the newest products to improve your life and the function of your home:

-Lutron electronic smart window blinds – automated window treatments with wireless controls.

-Connect Smart Water Sensor – flood sensors, water leak detection, moisture sensors.

-Big Ass Fans – connected ceiling fans – sleek lines, energy efficient, functional art, award winning, no wobble or rattle – also known as “air movement machines.”

-Whirlpool Smart Washing Machines with “Dash” technology – able to order detergent online when detergent is low.

-Sensor – Offers olfactory alarms to wake you up with scents like, “Bacon & Eggs, “Blueberry Pancakes” or “Coffee.”

-Sleep number beds with sleep IQ technology will measure your heart rate, breathing and adjust and mold to your body for the best possible sleep.

-Hydrao Smart Shower – changes colors from green to red as it measures the liters of water you have used and is green friendly allowing you to end the shower before you over consume.
There are also many new apps: Houzz saves all your photos/ideas, Home 3D shows materials on windows and floors, Zillow Digs estimates labor & material costs for your projects with a GPS that knows the local market & prices. Walk through your future home with 3D technology complete with paint, floors, fabric, window treatments and even future views. Color Snap and Benjamin Moore Color Capture can help you picture colors for the walls.

And for more senior adults, people with disabilities and children some new technologies include: “Smartphone Monitoring” – voice activated apps with GPS to track adults who tend to wander, “Connected Independence” – for parents to view their children’s activities from afar, GPS watches, digital pill dispensers with voice activation, clocks that record family member’s voices to provide cues to older adults for medications. These advances in technology will help allow older adults and the disabled to remain safe in their homes and for longer.

The future is bright and changing at warp speed. The possibilities are endless. What will you be doing next to up the level of tech in your home?


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