2016 IS HERE!


The fashion runway, automotive industry, modern house wares and flashes from the past…just some of the interesting places design trends for your home are coming from in 2016! Both past events and futuristic designs have a profound influence on how people think and feel while decorating their homes.
Color is all over the palette this year from bright to neutral to white! Bright crimson and acid yellow will be popular, along with neutrals, warmer grays, whites and cool beiges. Pantone has selected its color of the year, and there are two – Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue. These paler softer colors will be found on accent walls and accessories, and are in contrast to the strong 2015 colors of Marsala and Mediterranean Blue.
Neutral colors will flourish and you’ll almost be able to smell the spices in the colors of Mocha and Cinnamon. Soft Grays, Charcoal, metallic and pearlescent tones, likely derived from the car industry palette, will be welcomed into many homes. Green is trending and reminds one of the great outdoors. Green is also associated with eco-friendliness, conservation and bringing the outdoors in. Splashes of bright green and orange provide a tropical rain forest feel and a sense of adventure. Other bright pops of color like turquoise are playful additions that reflect ocean hues and invoke optimism.

Decorative vignettes will not be complete without some abstract art or inspiration from artists like Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso. Blurred boundaries of color, mimicking one of the hottest trends in hair color – Ombré, on the wall or on furniture with two color accents offer softer and rounder lines. Geometric patterns on walls and furniture will offer a contemporary appeal this year, second only to Organic furniture which will be more in vogue bringing in a quiet calming affect into any room.

According to Barbara Muse Heard, ASID of Interior Consultants in Oakton, Virginia, a DC Metro and international designer, “The old saying ‘what goes around, comes around’ was evident more than ever in the recent High Point Home Furnishings Market new product offerings. Gone are embellishments of traditional furniture where the clean lines of mid century and contemporary currently reign. A very tidy look! Bright White lacquered finishes are replacing weathered gray wood; popular the last few years with the industrial look. Metallic colors are everywhere — both in rich metal or wood finishes and in luxurious fabrics. Though furniture is trending away from traditional styling, metallic finishes are trending toward it; evident in the return to brass, bronze and copper rather than the cooler silver and nickel.”

Easy to move and light weight furniture for the eco-friendly who don’t want their possessions to make too much of an impact on the environment are in, as well as a heightened awareness of products that have off-gassing issues and will buy with care rugs and fabrics that don’t. Organic patterns are becoming increasingly popular; however European furniture designs with geometric shapes and straight lines composed of reclaimed wood, metal, glass and concrete are still in.

Use of industrial pallets will have a wider appeal this year and take shape as tables, beds, couches and consoles with finer finishes in an assortment of bright fruity colors. Handmade items with rustic chic finishes will also be incorporated into many homes to bring a touch of restored antiquity. Outdoor furniture fabrics are making an entry into the home as they are well suited for high traffic areas and are child friendly. Many of these design features reflect our changing times and will make the home more functional and healthier year after year.

Stay tuned to learn more next month in Trends 2016, Part II – How high tech is influencing design and style, everything cool and bright in lighting, homes of the future and more!


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