•RESTAIN YOUR DECK OR FRONT PORCH – do the prep the day before by power washing with soapy water, stain or paint on day two, add furniture back on day three.
•RINSE VINYL SIDING – use the garden hose with an application of ¼ part bleach and ¾ part water.
•UPDATE WINDOW SHUTTERS – change the color, add new ones or create a whole new look.
•REPAVE YOUR DRIVEWAY – clean with a garden hose and fix smaller cracks with siliconized latex sealer that comes with a pointed applicator.
•INSTALL OUTDOOR LIGHTING – use solar lights as they are easy to install and just as effective.

•BREAKFAST BAR – add ceramic tile on top of existing countertops. Extend the counter with plywood and continue with the tile into this area. Paint or stain unfinished barstools to add some color and fun.
•TURN YOUR PANTRY DOOR INTO A CENTER OF ATTENTION – add a chalkboard on one side and metal sheeting to the other for magnets. Now you have your own “command central!”
•FIX UNSIGHTLY WOOD FLOORS – apply tape, paint and stencil to have a new focal point and to hide areas that are distressed.
•MAKE OLD CABINETS LOOK “SHABBY CHIC” – clean, sand and stain older kitchen cabinets. Distress them so some stain shows through; add an antique glaze for that new vintage feel.
•NEW HARDWARE – add antique/retro hardware to the doors and drawers complete the look.
•CHANGE YOUR DISHWASHER COLOR – flip the panel or paint the panel with spray paint for a fresh, clean look.

•CLEAR THE CLUTTER – include the T.V. in your removal of clutter, items can be stored in containers or decorative fabric bins.
•RECONFIGURE FURNITURE – flip and rotate your mattress while in the process and clean under everything for a refreshing feel.
•GIVE YOUR BED A NEW INVITING APPEAL – add a headboard and a frame if you lack one to create instant storage underneath.
•UPDATE YOUR DRESSER – paint the drawers in vivid colors to bring energy into the room, add new knobs and pulls to complete the package.
•END TABLE LAMPS CREATE A ROMANTIC MOOD – add three way bulbs to make it easy to adjust lighting for varied features.
•ADD TWO SETS OF DECORATIVE PILLOWS TO YOUR BED – do not take more than half the space on the bed. New sleeping pillows should be purchased every six months to three years depending on how you keep them. If you use protective covers and wash them frequently, they last longer.

Easy as 1-2-3! Quick Change Mini Makeovers for your Home…BATH•UPDATE BATHROOM CABINETS – use quick dry latex paint in high gloss for a fresh look.
•ADD NEW TOWELS – new towels in beautiful colors add a focal point. Roll them instead of folding.
•ADD CANDLES – try a cucumber scented one to freshen up the area for that “spa-like” feel.

•CHALK TALK – Visit Poets.org to find sayings that invite love into your home. “Home is Where Your Heart Is”
•WOOD PALLET SIGNS – quick, easy and inexpensive ways to decorate include use of pallets, stencils and paint for a DIY project that looks store bought. “He Stole Her Heart and She Stole His Name”

•SQUEEKY DOOR HINGES – WD-40 takes the squeak away.
•SQUEEKY WOODEN FLOORS – talcum powder swept into cracks is the cure for this ailment.
•FIX PEELING WALLPAPER – add wallpaper paste on the back side of the wallpaper with a knife and a piece of paper. Smooth it down and press. Voila! Like new wallpaper!
•DUST LIGHT FIXTURES AND CRYSTAL – use one white glove dampened with glass cleaner and one dry glove. Spray ¼ cup rubbing alcohol and ¾ cup distilled water lightly, wipe and dry.
•CLEAN TUB AND SHOWERS – make a paste with cream of tartar, baking soda and lemon juice, let sit for ½ hour and wash clean.
•FIX DRYWALL TAPE THAT IS COMING APART – Use a knife to make a clean break, brush clean, apply joint compound and add new fiberglass mesh tape, press into the compound, level with knife, sand prime and paint. Repeat as necessary.

Your life revolves around your home. Keeping it in good repair and tending to it on a regular basis will help family members be more comfortable and safe. The end result – a happy home! And the bonus.… having an updated well maintained property adds value as well. That’s always a good thing!
DC Ladies patch girl sept 2015 33379769_ml
Sherry Spinelli

Sherry is a Realtor with Long & Foster and licensed in Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland. She is a top-producing agent who brings positivity, passion and perseverance to everything she does. A native of the Washington, DC metro area, Sherry now lives in Reston with her family and several kitties. Delicious food, martinis, philanthropy and being a Turtle Recall groupie are some of her favorite things! Sherry can always be reached at Sher@LNF.com


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