An Unexpected Development


DC baseball fans may have noticed the construction all around Nationals Park, but are you aware of the developments in the area surrounding the stadium?  The Capital Riverfront South is the next big thing in DC real estate.  Here’s why…

The recession slowed a lot of DC development, but now things are getting back on track.  The next natural growth area is Capitol River South, just five blocks south of the Capitol.  Thirty-four percent built out and rising, the area is being developed with millennials and young families in mind.  The area’s safety, accessibility and plans for growth are a huge draw.  Residents have access to three beautiful parks, conveniently located retail and unique new restaurants.


The neighborhood is virtually unrecognizable from the way it was just ten years ago.  The change is most likely due to the $1.4 billion being invested in the area.  There are 1500 new residential units under construction and 4100 people already living in the new or newly-renovated condos and townhomes.  Additionally, there are twenty-one new restaurants, three new hotels and two grocery stores coming to the area – Whole Foods and Harris Teeter are expected to be complete this summer.

The area’s ease of access makes it convenient for young people and families.  A short walk or ride on the Circulator from Navy Yard Metro station, Capitol River South is bike friendly and walkable.  Although (like most places in the DMV) the location will be much prettier once construction wraps up, the neighborhood boasts one and a half miles of riverfront, which gives visitors and residents something beautiful to look at until then.


Speaking of beautiful views, the area is home to three gorgeous parks which are home to countless activities.  Yards Park and Canal Park each have new, interactive water features where children and adults alike can cool off in the heat of summer.  The shady River Street Gardens are a quiet (WiFi equipped) getaway in the otherwise busy Yards Park.  Wooden chaises overlooking the river are tucked along shady paths.  The Riverwalk Trail is 1.1 miles of boardwalk, perfect for everything from morning jogs to summer concerts.  The area’s parks are home to festivals, movie nights, fitness classes and concerts.  Yards Park even has an outdoor ice skating rink in the winter for year-round outdoorsy types.

It’s exciting having a new development in Washington DC!  If you find yourself early for a Nats game, check out all the super cool features that Capitol River South has to offer.  In fact, you may just want to make a special trip to the area and spend some time exploring…who knows, you may want to live there too!


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