Let June Melt Our Hearts

After the temperature has been soaring between freezing and frosty all winter long, it is always a relief when the summer month of June finally rolls around! It’s time to pack up all the coats and gloves and pull out the tank tops and sunscreen. All memories of the dreary cold days melt away in the bright sunlight as the flowers, buzzing lawn mowers, and pool parties take over the neighborhoods!

However fun the summer months ahead are anticipated to be, those less fortunate remain in my thoughts. The horrible devastation in Oklahoma, the lingering effects of Hurricane Sandy and the sick and hungry people around the world brings much sadness and sympathy. After the initial shock of hearing about these tragedies wears off we just return to our everyday lives while those affected stay in need of help.




Moving in a slightly different direction, but nevertheless worthy, are the efforts of a very courageous young man and his mission.


22 Years Old.  8 Weeks.  3,000 Miles.  1 Cause.

Can you imagine riding for 3,000 miles?!  I sure can’t!  After riding my bike for only one hour, my legs feel like rubber and I can hardly walk.  Well, Navid Attayan is taking on the challenge.  The journey began in Harrisonburg, Virginia and will end 8 weeks later in San Diego, California.  The reason for this ride is to raise awareness and dollars for Pediatric Cancer, with a focus on Neuroblastoma, which affects children under the age of two and is the most common cancer among infancy.

Navid Attayan, JMU graduate, is now a student at the National Institutes of Health researching the treatment for Neuroblastoma.  After seeing how this disease impacts families, he was moved to create this challenge in an effort to help the children and families who are affected by this disease.  All donations made to support his efforts go to the families who need monetary help in the fight against pediatric cancer and research.

The 3,000 mile bike ride started on May 25th when Navid and his friend J.J. set out from Virginia.  After 3 days, J.J. was almost hit by a car, had a bad fall and now Navid continues the journey alone.  His ProJeKT3000 Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ProJeKt3K) remains up to date with his mile tracings and stories from his difficult journey.  This is quite an undertaking for a young man of 22, working both body and heart and so focused on his goal.

All forms of support are welcome – donations, encouraging words, prayers and sharing the message.  Whatever you can do will be appreciated!  Please click the link below to offer donations for ProJeKT3000.



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