Hunger In September

As the seasons slowly turn and we are pre-holiday-pandemonium, we want to take the time to address a serious epidemic: Hunger.   It is a problem that tends to go unnoticed until we gather for various celebrations as the year draws to a close.  Every day 25,000 people around the world die of hunger.  It is the world’s number one health risk with more hungry people covering the globe than the populations of the US, Canada and European Union combined.  In DC alone, one out of eight households struggles with the ability to afford food for their families.

The good news is that we can all do something.  Either through educating ourselves or donating our time or funds to different organizations or events, we can truly make a difference.  Please check out the non-profit groups below that offer various opportunities to participate in the mission to end hunger.

Through this site, you can attend events or donate to support efforts to end hunger.  This organization will be hosting the 2011 Northern Virginia Hunger Summit on Sept. 30th – a free event where discussions will include the importance of establishing relationships with legislators, how to deliver testimony, planning public policy campaigns among other informative sessions.  As the decisions of our law makers have a significant impact on the day-to-day business of feeding people, learn how to develop the tools that can facilitate change through this wonderful event.  

This organizations acts as Northern Virginia’s safety net for those needing food when emergency strikes and for the growing number of working poor who are unable to make ends meet.  Their mission is to obtain and distribute free food to the hungry of Northern VA and to support food programs of other community-based organizations.  They also provide a channel for people to volunteer their services to help their neighbors in need.

Through their three pronged strategy of improving public policy, maximizing participation in all federal nutrition programs and education; this organization works to create a hunger-free community improving health, economic security and well-being of low-income DC residents.

Before the Halloween candy and holiday feasting makes it’s delicious way into our lives, maybe take a bit of time to learn how we can help those who are in need at this very moment.



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