Audacious August

While August has so pleasantly proven that it is the champion of oppressive heat again and again, you may be relieved to know that this month has so much more to offer than an increased supply of sunscreen and floppy hats.  It is the month of happiness admittance!  C’mon!  Even though you are sweating profusely and seek shelter in the freezer, you have to admit it is slightly better than having to wear 12 layers of long johns.  The heat also makes eating ice cream that much more pleasurable just when you thought that ice cream ingestion could not possibly get any more fantastic.  And while seeking means of staying cool and collected this month, you can do so as a family unit while celebrating Family Fun Month!  Jump on the summer family fun wagon with these local happenings:


Water Mine Family Swimmin’ Hole:

Discover the Old West through over an acre of slides, flumes, sprays, showers and interactive play features.  There is also ample picnic space near by in Lake Fairfax to acknowledge National Picnic Month.


Glen Echo Park:

This former amusement park has become host to many cultural organizations, artist studios, thriving social dance programs, a restored carousel, and numerous classes in visual and performing arts. 


Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts:

This glorious outdoor venue includes something for everyone with performances ranging from pop, country, folk, and blues to orchestra, dance, theater, and opera, as well as innovative performance art and multimedia presentations.


With all of these incredible summer opportunities, it’s no wonder that smiling and friendship is also celebrated this month.  After ample amounts of summer fun, Bad Poetry Day on the 18th allows for writers and non-writers to poorly express the wicked fun that has ensued.  To get things off to a perfectly horrid start:


Poems can be written

 By anyone, anyone, anyone.

At anytime and without reason.

Tis the season for syntax.



Here’s to poor poetry, pleasant summer performances and enjoying the presence of family and friends!



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